The PET/CT cancer medical examination and the examination, treatment, the health examination, and rehabilitation : to the Nishiisahaya hospital in Japan Nagasaki Prefecture.

PET is the latest diagnostic imaging and the abbreviation for "Positoron" tomography method.

It is an inspection that detects cancer by making an image of cell metabolism and function at the earlystage differing from the inspection methods that diagnose the form of cancer like MRI ,CT, and so on.

PET can be combined with CT, and it can be said that PET/CT that evolved PET further is state-of-the-art diagnosis equipment.


It is becoming common Kowledge in Europe and America.

The amount of radiation exposure in this inspection is as follows.



It becomes 9.5mSv(millisieverts) in total.


○ It is possible to discover it even due to small cancer.

Small cancer of about 10mm can be diagnosed. Small cancer of about 5mm might be found.

○ The painful one is only an injection. once.

Radiopharmaceuticals(FDG) is administered. However, there is no worry of the side because elements of FDG are similar to glucose(sugar water).

And dosage of FDG is few amount of exposure.

○ The diagnostic capability for detecting cancer is very high.

The inspection time is shortened by taking a picture of PET and CT by one lows, and an accurate diagnosis can be done.

The carcinoma cell has the character to be active to proliferate, and to consume the glucose about 3 to 8 times compared with healthy cells.

PET/CT(positron emission tomography /computerized tomography method) is inspected by using this character .

First of all, you receive an IV injection of FDG.

It is waited that the adioactive suger (FDG) spreads in the whole body. Afterwards, because a lot of FDG gathers in the carcinoma cells, the position and the spread of the carcinoma. are seen as an image.

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We support patient's early discovery by warm heart and the latest high level medical treatment.
Moreover, we wish that early stage cancer of whole body is discoverd by using PET/CT and it contribute total health of everbody.
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